Aware his passion for verbal proliferation sometimes leads him astray, Ron spends his nights fishing the silent weary cliffs. Magpie hooking melodic glints of universal truth and wisdom.




Liz has always had an immense talent for dreaming weird dreams.  But even she never dreamt that she would go to guitar lessons and just four years later, having written dozens of songs, she would be performing them as far afield as New York.


Around the Spring of 2017, Ron and Liz by chance ended up performing a few songs together at the Laugharne Fringe Festival; they enjoyed it so much and had such a good reception, that they decided to join forces to become The Eclectic Shed Experience (ESE).

Eclectic is the perfect word to describe the music the ESE perform; having two songwriters means that there is a great deal of diversity in the style of their songs and it would be impossible to limit the description of their material to one genre.

Both Ron and Liz are still actively writing songs and performing solo, but since becoming the ESE, they have also influenced each other’s songs; this has resulted in some interesting and….well, eclectic versions of their solo material!

As of Autumn 2018, they will be busy recording the ESE’s first album, so keep in touch to hear how the project is progressing and make sure you get a copy…or maybe come along to the launch!  To make sure you don’t miss out, you can join our mailing list here.

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